Woodworking in America Valley Forge


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For those of you who couldn't make it we had a good time at the conference. SAPFM members Dean Jansa and John Previti and I worked the Olympics with help from Bob Rozaieski, Mark Hochstein and Tom Iovino. John also helped Mark Arnold and Derek Swarbrick run the SAPFM outreach end of the both. I don't know how many they signed up but I know Mark got a few vendors to sign on for advertising in the APF Journal. I hope Mark will chime in with a report from his side of the booth and maybe a couple of pictures. Here are a couple of links to video shot in our booth.
It is more fun than work to volunteer at these events!


Mark Arnold

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Mike and all,

The Valley Forge event was a better venue for SAPFM than St Charles proved to be. I'm not sure exactly why that is, but I suspect it is a combination of location and emphasis. A conference whose focus is on hand tools and their use is going to resonate with those whose craft relies heavily on hand skills. Add to that the increased hype of the Hand tool Olympics and it's no surprise that SAPFM had a good show. We welcomed 15 new members to our ranks at the show and probably another 5 who registered online post-event. It was nice to see so many young kids with their parents. The future of the craft and our organization depends on the next generation. As you can see in the photo, Roy was there to encourage (or was it to heckle? I'm not sure) the youngsters.