Woodworking In America Conference Oct. 2-4 2009 Valley Forge PA

I wanted to pass along to you that my good friends at Horizon Wood Products will be exhibiting at the Woodworking In America conference, in Valley Forge PA Oct. 2-4. They will be bringing for sale some spectacular wood and also will have pre-cut bundles of Ash for the PWW Roubo and 21st C. workbench.
If you wanted them to bring some particular lumber for your special project, I am sure they would be happy to, don't hesitate to contact them. You ought to have material of equal quality to all those fine tools you will be bringing home! Here is their website with the information. www.horizonevolutions.com/newsbrief/Workbenches-WoodworkinginAmerica_000.htm

John Walkowiak

Mark Arnold

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I will be at the Valley Forge event to do some recruitment for SAPFM. If there are other members in the area who would like to help out in the new SAPFM booth, I'd be happy to have the company. In addition to free admission (to the Marketplace only), you will have a front row seat to watch Mike Siemsen and his comerades run the handtool Olympics (not sure if heckling is encouraged though). Let me know if you can make it and what time you are available. Hope to see you there.

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Mark and all,
Heckling is aways encouraged!
Any one wanting to work all day at the show for the Olympics or in the hands on seminars can get a free pass to a full day of the conference. Work all day Friday, free conference on Saturday, work all day Saturday free conference on Friday. The hands on workshop assistants need some hand tool skills, the helpers in the Olympics need to be able to put up with me! Contact me if interested  [email protected]
These will be fun jobs. You do not have to be a SAPFM member for these jobs.

I should be able to help out one of the days. I sent you an email. Please check your spam filter though as it is coming from my work email. Thanks!