Tremont reproduction nails


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Hand forged nails from the old Tremont Nail Company in Wareham, MA

These are great for adding authenticity and a period look to projects. They can be used just decoratively if desired, since they are 5/8 inch.

Photos from my add at Lumberjocks.....

I have 45 boxes with 50 nails to a box. They sell for $12 box. I’m selling for $8/ box plus shipping. Will sell all 45 boxes for $300 plus shipping costs.

From the Tremont catalog…..

“Designed to simulate the hand-forged nails of the late
1700’s, the head is three-sided and the nail has a black oxide
coating. Also available galvanized. Ideal for authentic
restoration and antique effect. Uses include rough sawn
interior and exterior siding, face-nailing flooring, batten
doors, paneling, countertops and cabinet work.”