The Work of Many Hands, Card Tables in Federal America


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If anyone is interested, the book is on ebay for 150.00. less than 2 days left, the cheapest price I've seen for a copy in the condition shown in the photos. Looks like a nice book.
Here is the address:

Well the book sold for 175.50.....lowest price I've if only some other books would come down in price!
I totally agree that some of these books that we furniture makers sought out to have should be cheaper.  For these days it is challenging to get quality photos of antique furniture. 

For those of you interested in certain "key" reference books, I suggest that you follow the various auction houses' Americana sales.  Over the past two or three years these sales have included the reference books of the collectors that consigned the furniture at prices that are considerably lower than the booksellers' or even ebay.  So much for being able to retire on the sale of my library.  PSP