Progress on two projects


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First is a Townsend Knee Hole Bureau. Both concave shells are finished and I'm working on 3 convex shells. I am going to pick the best two for the bureau.
Second is a walnut ball & claw tilt and turn tea table. I'm thinking the legs may be too massive (thick) for the size of the pedestal.
What do you think?

David Turner
North Raleigh


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Tom M

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I wish everyone would post stuff like this. There seems to be so little traffic at the Forum lately, and I've always enjoyed the taking a break during work to check to see if anything has been posted.



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Pedestal/Legs look good to me David, but I am no expert. You could check out these Member-Submitted plans on the website (Member only side) to see how your measurements compare:

    • Jeff Justis Globe Stand (Article in past APF Journal with photos)[/l][/l]
      • Scott Calkins Pie Crust Tea Table

      • [/size]