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I look forward to meeting you in March in Lancaster. The ORV (Ohio River Valley) chapter draws in woodworkers with a wide range of skill and interests and a real passion for period furniture. It's always a great weekend of good fun and learning.


George Walker


In my answer to "Posting your Skills, only the unskilled would object"
Quite a few interesting questions arose, namely the interrupting of the design 23r. I would like to explain, and invite theses objectors to inspect what Chippendale states in his “Preface” of his masterpiece.
” The Gentleman & Cabinetmakers Director”
His last paragraph he writes!
Upon the whole, "I have given no Design but what may be executed with by the hands of a skillful workman".
And further on in the same paragraph!
"That every Design in this book can be improved, both
as to Beauty and Enrichment, in the execution of it".
Now that tells me as the maker? In today’s world.
All the design is sound and achievable; one can lessen the carving, or improve if one so desires, but the design outline is true.
"So I decided to follow my mentor of the late 50s,Norman Holroyd, regarding the short grain, throughout the piece, strengthen before you carve".
Now just because it looks like it could sheer on the short grain, beleave the "Maker", it will not.
Now regarding all joints?
All joints are “Mortise & Tenon” there are no dowels used in the main construction.
And lastly," Chippendale Director chairs are a thing of beauty; to be seen, it was there TV, to be viewed".
Would you sit in your television set?