Museums and Historic Homes in Charleston SC

I'll be in Charleston SC Thanksgiving week. Which Museum or Historic House is best for viewing period furniture. I'll then look on their website to see if they are open the day before or after Thanksgiving. thanks
Sam Rhodes
Sam, I’m sure I’ve posted this elsewhere on this forum, but do not miss the Heyward Washington house. It stands above the others for its furniture collection, including their Pfeninger bookcase and several Elfe pieces. In the upstairs parlor, you will also see a pleasant tea kettle stand, plans for which are on our website.

The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon is kind of touristy, but there’s a nice period room with some original furniture.

Nathanial Russel house is worth a visit for the staircase alone.

Not decorative arts, but the Hunley submarine is not to be missed!  It’s an important piece of American history, and amazing what they found inside.
We absolutely loved Drayton Hall.  No furniture in house, but the architechure is unbelievable. There is a nice museum in the guest center with some furniture. If the weather is nice you could easily spend half a day there on the house tour, museum and then walking the grounds.

Also the USS Yorktown is there.  You can see an WWII Corsair and an F14!


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