Minutes of February 10, 2007 Meeting

Bruce W

Minutes–NE Chapter Meeting
February 10, 2007

A New England Chapter meeting was held on February 10, 2007 at the North Bennet Street School.  Twenty seven members plus six guests (NBSS students & staff) attended.  Following coffee and donuts, Miguel Gomez Ibanez, recently appointed Executive Director of NBSS, welcomed the group and presented a slide show illustrating the history of the School and its Cabinet & Furniture Making program.  He also graciously offered the School for future Chapter meetings.

Lance Patterson then gave a talk on making the elliptical sand-shaded fan.

Brian Weldy, NBSS Shop Manager, then introduced the School’s Workshop Program and outlined the demos for the day.  They were

Sand Shaded Fan – Jonathan Bacharach

Carving Queen Ann Stool Legs – Patrick Kelly

Shop Jigs and Fixtures – Brian Weldy.

The shop jigs discussed construction steps for a cross-cut sled for the table saw, along with a fixture for cutting dovetail pins, plus a sloped sled for making tapered legs with the planer.  Both were most interesting.  Photos of these demos are shown in the attached copy.

A lunch of North End pizza was enjoyed by all, followed by a brief business meeting to discuss future meeting plans.  Suggested ideas included

• Andy D’Elia’s tool collection in Scotland, CT
• Inlay demonstrations at Woodcraft;  Woburn, MA
• Old Sturbridge Village, which has a large collection not on display
• Old Schwamb Mill oval lathe demo; Arlington, MA
• Yale University furniture collection, much not on display but available by
    arrangement; New Haven, CT

The next meeting is planned for sometime in April.  The possibility of a exposition of Chapter members’ furniture is also being explored.  Anyone with meeting suggestions should contact Jack Haley, Program Committee Chairman at 978-534-4553 or [email protected]

The meeting concluded with a tour of the School’s new Cabinet & Furniture Making shop space on the fourth floor with many in–progress projects on display.  Several students were on hand for detailed discussion of their pieces.

Everyone was extremely pleased with the meeting topics and the opportunity to commune with fellow woodworkers.  Adjournment was about 2:00 pm, with many continuing small discussion groups on specific “How do you …?” topics.
Sincere thanks are due Earl Powell and Brian Weldy for arranging this outstanding event.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce D. Wedlock


Brad Weeks

New member
I recently became a new member to The Society of American Period Furniture Makers.  Living in southern Maine, I would like to attend the New England Chapter meetings.  How do I go about getting notified when and where the meeting are to be held?  Also when is the annual meeting in Williamsburg usually held?
Brad Weeks

Bruce W

Hi Brad,

You are automatically a member of the NE Chapter, but you need to send me your address, phone & FAX (if you have one) and e-mail address.  I will then add you to the member list we use to notify members of meetings.  We are primarily using the Forum and direct e-mails for efficiency and cost savings.  You can e-mail me at [email protected] 

The program committee is working on the next meeting, so you should be hearing from us in the not too distant future.

Best regards,
Bruce W