Mid Year Conference Sights to See


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Planning a two week trip for the Mid Year Conference in July. Need help from all the locals. What are the furniture sights to see in Massachusetts / Conn / surrounding areas.
We're already signed up for the Boston MFA and the Peabody Essex.
The Yale furniture study is closed for relocating to a new location for the next year. Winterthur is already on the list again (love it).
It appears there are numerous houses in Salem open for touring that are furnished. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bob Baker

Tom M

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My wife and I took a trip last week to CT and RI. We visited the Rhode Island School of Design (Pendleton House) and the John Brown House in Providence. Both have displays in period rooms, so some of the furniture is difficult to see, but certainly worth it.  We also walked the historic district around the John Brown house looking at beautiful late 18th / early 19th century houses with awesome doorways.

Prior to that we visited the Yale Furniture Study and Art Gallery. We had 2 hours at the FS, and I spent about 20 minutes measuring and photographing a piece. If you like more than period furniture you could easily spend the whole day at the Yale Art Gallery.  You can get up close to the furniture at Yale - not period rooms.

We also went to Newport to see the mansions, and I had hoped the Hunter House, but unfortunately the Hunter House didn't open until last Saturday (we left Newport on Thursday).

Check museum schedules - we found out the many are closed a couple days during the week.