Massive Hand Tool Sales Mar 2019, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina


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I will be selling a massive collection of fantastic user planes, spokeshaves, chisels, drawknives,  auger bit sets, carving gouges, saws, saw sets, stones, and much more. Planes include Bedrock, Stanley, Veritas, Lie-Nielsen, including Smoothers, Routers, Jacks, Jointers, rabbet, block, and specialty planes, most all of them are tuned up and razor sharp. No junk.

Also more than 100 wood molding planes from all makers, hollows, rounds, beads, sash, etc.
(Most of these will be in the $15 range).

In Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina, I will be selling at events. Ohio is Mar 8-10 in Columbus.
In Maryland, I will be at the PATINA event, see

Come to the show, track me down and mention SAPFM membership.
John Davis