Members of the Lone Star chapter were invited by Bayou Bend to participate in their History Camp for Adults - "Antiques 101" program on February 11, 2009, from 6:00 - 9:00 P.M.  We were asked to instruct those who were taking the class in various aspects of eighteenth furniture.  Lone Star members Malcolm Granberry, Norman Landry and Jim Thompson answered the call.

Malcolm Granberry covered eighteenth century furniture construction and joinery showing various examples.  Jim Thompson spoke on the history and construction of Windsor Chairs showing the class a partially constructed sack back chair and the tools needed to make it.  I addressed the class concerning carving and ornamentation as it applied to eighteenth century Queen Anne and Chippendale furniture showing examples of shells and acanthus leaves and the tools used to carve them.  We broke the class into three groups and the groups rotated around to each of our venues.  After our presentations, there were alot of questions to be answered.

We enjoyed sharing our knowledge with the class,  the chance to raise their interest in 18th century furniture and to let them know about SAPFM.
Pictured below are Malcolm Granberry, Norman Landry and Jim Thompson, in that order.