Lie Nielsen Tools ALL HAVE BEEN SOLD


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LN #4 Bench Plane (used)--------------------------------------$280
LN #4 High Angle Frog (used)-----------------------------------$60
LN #10 1/4 Bench Rabbet Plane (used)------------------------$300
LN 40 1/2 Scrub Plane (used)-----------------------------------$135
LN #66 Beading Tool W/cutters (used)-------------------------$140
LN #71 large Router Plane (new)-------------------------------$115
LN #95 Edge Plane R.H (new)----------------------------------$115
LN #95 Edge Plane L.H. (new)----------------------------------$115
LN #9 Mitre Plane W/Hot Dog Handle (new)-------------------$600
LN #102 L.A. (apron) Block Plane (used)----------------------$115
LN #103 Reg Angle (apron) Block Plane (used)----------------$120
LN # 212 Small Scraping Plane (new)--------------------------$140
Dovetail Saw (used) Freshly sharpened by LN-----------------$100

All come with original boxes and instructions. Prices are plus shipping.
Advise which plane is of interest. Include your email address for pictures.
David Turner
Raleigh, N.C.