Help needed- Insurance for Shops open to the publick


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I hesitated to ask this question on the forum since its not period oriented so I spel't publick in traditional fashion.

Our local woodworking club would like to obtain insurance for the shop we use and it is open to the public. So far they have not found an underwriter willing to talk. I was hoping that some  professionals or anyone else could suggest an insurance company or underwriter that is willing to support this type of activity.


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Hi John--define open to the public. Open int he sense the public views demonstrations? Participation? Power tools, hand tools, mixed? If the public can use the tools, is there guidance or are they on their own, so to speak? Does the publick, if they can use the tools, given a safety talk/training and have to sign something saying they have been given said safety instruction?

I would think to obtain any policy, the underwriter will need to know these things to successfully place your insurance--even if they themselves are not aware to ask these questions.

Zurich might be one such source. Another might have been AIG...but now who nows. Get in touch with the office manager at a woodworking school and see who placed them.

Take care, Mike

Rick Yochim

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You may have thought of this already, but if you're going out to Jeff's shop this Saturday for our first meeting of the Virginia chapter, ask him who his carrier is. In my business I use The Hartford for my worker's comp and general liability and they are very good (and reasonably priced).  But I am a consultant with minimal liablity risk so your mileage may vary.