Goddard Townsend drawer blades


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How were the double beaded drawer blades on Goddard Townsend chests made in the originals? Were the beads formed with a scratch stock and then the background between the beads chiseled or removed with a small router? I think a router would be unstable on a narrow (7/8") drawer blade. I think a scratch stock that did both beads at the same time would be unwieldy.
All thoughts appreciated.

Howard Steier



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I have done this several times. I use a scratch stock that cuts only half of the width. It is double the work to cut both sides but I find that I get better results. For example, if your drawer blade varies by only a little in width (7/8") and you use a full profile scratch stock you may not get a full bead on the side opposite of the scratch stock fence. It takes only a few minutes more to do both edges/sides (and it is a good workout!). If the flat between the beads has a slight ridge use narrow card scraper or narrow chisel to smooth it out.

Dennis Bork
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