Garvan Carver Clock pt. II

John McAlister

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Peter, How busy are you? You say you'll post more info when you get time. Are we looking at a few weeks? A few months/; or longer. I went to the initial posting from D Keller, Jan. 2008. The link there says they can't find the page. Does anybody have a picture of this clock? Keller says it's spectacular. I'd like to see what it looks like. John McAlister


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I believe that member Joel Ficke made one. you can see a photo at
I e mailed him about this post.


The clock that D. Keller was talking about was being sold by HL Chalfant Antiques in Pa.  It appears that they have removed it from their Website.  John, if you want a picture, email me direct.  I had the chance to visit the clock and take several pictures.

John McAlister

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Mike, Thanks. That clock is indeed spectacular. That's the only word for it!  Do you have the height? It looks extremely tall.  ZACC I'm emailing you off forum. Thanks. John McA

Peter Storey Pentz

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Maine Antiques Digest, August, 2012, p. 24-B

"It is among the Garvan Carver's earliest work.  The eight-day works are by Augustine Neisser, a Moravian who immigrated to Georgia in 1736 and settled in Germantown, Pennsylvania, in 1739.

The clock dial is engraved with a landscape and flanked by four cast spandrels.  The clock has its original cartouche, scroll top, rosettes, and finials, but its waist has been telescoped (a couple of inches have been sliced off), and it has some foot problems.  Nevertheless, it stands 105" tall and has an impressive presence.  Estimated at $175,000/250,000, it failed to sell at the auction, but Skip Chalfant said it was being considered by a client and may sell for its low estimate."


John / Mike,

The clock I worked on is described well in Timeless p244.  There's also some good photos / info of the original here: and

It's a Peter Stretch clock but to my knowledge the case maker/carver is unknown. Based on comparison to other Garvan carvings I don't believe it to be in the same hand but I'm not an expert on that either.

Timeless says the Stretch clock is 96" but I don't believe it. Gene Landon measured it at the auction house and gave us the sketch at around 9 feet tall including finials and that is consistent with the Sotheby's auction catalog number of 8' 11.5" tall.

Robert sent photos of the HL Chalfant Antiques clock and it's definitely a different clock. In fact, it looks similar to (but not exactly like) some of the Duffield clocks. (see images 46 & 47 too).

The one you are after sure is a nice. Love the golden walnut hue on it. Cartouche on it looks like the Garvan Cartouche on the Gratz high chest at Winterthur too.