Furniture Institute of Massachusetts Closing and Selling all the Tools


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Just got an email from FIM that they are closing and selling all of their tools. Hopefully it is because Phil wanted to and was not forced to. I took several classes there and really enjoyed them and learned a lot. It's a sad day for woodworking. Again, I hope this was Phil's decision to retire and not something else.


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I am very sorry to hear that. I wish Phil all the best and a speedy recovery. Going to his school was a great experience. Amazing teacher and a very kind person.
It looks like they are down to just some hand tools and a few other items. Very sad to see someone who's meant a lot to period woodworking no longer able to teach his skills. I wish Phil may recover from whatever it is that has led to this very difficult decision.


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Agreed, very sad indeed. Let's hold him up in our prayers for recovery.

I'd really like to purchase many of the hand tools for my own woodworking school which is just getting off the ground, also in New England.  That would at least carry on the legacy and in some small way perhaps honour Phil and his legacy by keeping the tools in the hands of students who share the passion that he exhibited so well.
Ironically, I had even invited Phil to come teach a class last year, prior to finding out that he was ill or that his shop was closing.

It's unfortunate that these tools can only be sold by being physically present, which would be impossible for me.  I hope they will be sold as users and not as mantle ornaments.

--Wm. Francis Brown