Favorite Finish and Methods


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    For many years I've used Shellac, from flakes, not cans, as my "go to" finish. Both "brushed on" and "French polished". Occasionally I needed a more durable finish for table tops so I used a home made brew wiping varnish.
    I'm completing a period style chest of drawers and have been thinking about the finishing process. Maybe trying one of the new systems, specifically OSMO Polyx-Oil. So I am wondering ....has anybody used this product on their "period furniture"?
    What is your favorite finish/methods?


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Many years ago I tried the "T&T" oil finish. It took a long time to dry, being an oil finish, and it was nothing special like the maker Jeff states. I would not use it again.

In the 1990's I was using the wipe on oil finish from General Finishes and I loved it. It dried fairly fast. Since 2000 I switched to General Finishes water base finish and I really love it. I apply it over a coat of dark garnet shellac. It dries very fast, almost no odor and you can apply 3 coats in one day. You can wipe, brush or spray it on.

Dennis Bork
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