Delivery vehicle

Jeff L Headley

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If you were going to purchase a new delivery vehicle what might it be. I have just purchased the perfect delivery vehicle for minatures. Since it is getting near tax time do you think Uncle Sam will let me take this as a tax deduction? I need my brother Sam to work on it. Dog on it!


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Do you already expense/deduct for a general transportation vehicle? If not, that's how I'd treat this (and what great fun it is, we only sold our MGB in '99). People even deduct for Hummers, so a little MGB is nothing.

If you insist on inventing a special vehicle for miniatures, you'd have to prove you make and/or transport miniatures, and that your current vehicles can't/don't work for that; but it can be proved.



Make sure that you acquire a "vanity" plate that identifies your craft-it is an additional deduction when tax time rolls around-advertising ya know!
ps my plate reads CBNTMKR