Chesapeake Chapter Meeting: Sat, 21 April 2018

Mark Maleski

Well-known member
Greetings SAPFM Members!  This message announces the Chesapeake Chapter’s next meeting on Saturday, 21 April at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe (1660 Camp Betty Washington Road, York, PA).  Pre-registration is required, though we won't close registration until the day prior to the meeting. Register for the meeting via an email to [email protected]  List the name of any guests you plan to bring with you.  (The meeting is open to all SAPFM members and first-time guests).

Administrative notes:
1.  Let us know if you have a recently completed (or in-process) project that you’d like to present for show-and-tell.  This is a great opportunity to show what you’ve built and share what you’ve learned.  These session often prompt meaningful discussions on sources (materials, plans) and methods, so please contribute with a project if you’re able.
2.  We will collect $25 from each participant to cover the meeting costs (exact change will be appreciated).
3.  Lunch will be ordered through Panera – please let us know in your registration email any food allergies or other dietary requirements.
4.  Please be sure to bring a chair with you, or be prepared to stand and/or lean for the day (note that we will have a few of the chairs that we were unable to return to the owner after the previous meeting, so you can reclaim them at this meeting).

Our agenda for the day is subject to change, but we expect it will be as follows:
- 8:00-8:30: Check-in, socialize, and consume donuts/water/coffee.
- 8:30-9:00:  Chapter discussion. We like to keep this brief, but do want to take the opportunity to plan for upcoming chapter activities with those assembled. 
- 9:00-9:30:  Member Projects Show & Tell (subject to volunteers)
- 9:30-10:00: Special Topic: Woodworking and Furniture Books.  This was a big hit last time…bring in your favorite book(s) and be prepared to share with the group and answer the following questions: (1) How would you categorize the book ("furniture book" or "woodworking instructional book," or something else?); (2) How often do you read or reference the book?; (3) What separates the book from others of its type?; and (4) is the book readily available on the open market?  We had a lively discussion at our last meeting about new books on the market (primarily focused on those authored by fellow SAPFM members), and highlighted some useful auction catalogs, with many participants taking notes and perusing through the books during breaks.  Let's do it again!
- 10:00 – 12:00:  Member Spotlight.  Larry Barrett will again speak to us about his experience building greenwood, ladderback chairs. This will be a more detailed follow-up to Larry’s presentation to us last fall, and this time he’ll be providing a demonstration of the techniques he uses to build these chairs.  These are the same chairs that are presented in J. Alexander’s classic book “Make a Chair From a Tree,” though (as we saw last fall) Larry has made his own design modifications.
- 12:00-1:00:  Working lunch (Panera boxed lunch).  Bess Naylor will provide an overview of projects underway at Olde Mill Cabinet Shoppe, and the classes that are offered in her 2018 calendar.
- After Lunch (1:00 until 4:00…or perhaps later):  Bruce Schuettinger, owner of Schuettinger Conservation Services (, will provide our featured presentation on building period-correct reproductions, with emphasis on surface preparation, colorants, and conditioning.  Throughout his presentation, he’ll combine a visual presentation of a historic piece, followed by a demonstration to show how he reproduces that element. 
Through his conservation company, Bruce has provided the conservation treatments for wooden artifacts (particularly furniture) and architectural woodwork for museums, institutions, and private collectors.  Many of you were present for his Conservator’s presentation at the Beall-Dawson house in spring 2017, and will recall his presentation of a Shaw and Archibald Chisholm Tall Case Clock (owned by Historic Annapolis Foundation, and on display at the Paca House in Annapolis) and 16 Florentine bronze cast iron and wood benches in use in the Capital Rotunda (these originally were used to seat members of the House of Representatives when in session).  He has performed conservation work for items in the Library of Congress, Office of the Vice President, and Maryland State Archives, among others.

It'll be a day not to be missed, and we hope to see you all there!
Your Chapter Leads,
Mark Maleski and Charlie Driggs