Brass Pulls - Horton and Ball&Ball no longer producing stamped pulls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other suppliers??

HI Folks,

I haven't had the need for brass pulls in quite awhile! I'm building a secretary and called Horton and Ball&Ball to check for appropriate Chippendale pulls and other hardware. To my surprise, neither are producing stamped pulls and plates. Horton is selling the cast hardware that Londonderry had sold before they went out of business. I have used some of their pulls in the past, and have to say they were outstanding quality. The cost, however, was and is, high end. Ball and Ball no longer produce stamped pulls either. The cost of brass sheet has apparently risen to the point where it isn't profitable.

While I would love to use the Londonderry stock, it is sometimes too expensive for every piece. What is everyone doing now for a less expensive alternate to the cast pulls? Are there other suppliers with decent quality at a lower price?

I guess the times, they are a-changin'

Give a search for Optimum Brasses in UK
and Marshall Brass in UK. Never ordered from Marshall but they do have a larger catalog. I get my brasses from Optimum, nice people, worker owned. Cast brasses from original pieces...I always spoke to Helen.... .I could not attach the address but They are at:
you could also look at Whitechapel Ltd, They also have a large line of brasses...I purchase their extruded brass locks.....and castors...They have a wide range of prices.
Thank you all for your responses!
Let us know which source you think has the best for your project.
Dennis Bork
So far, Whitechapel too expensive( $150.00 per piece), Lee Valley and Van Dykes don't have suitable style. I ordered a $10.00 pull from Paxton to see its quality and whether I can antique to meet my needs. Hortons Londonderry is fabulous but $800+ for the secretary is hard to justify. I have contacted Optimum for final cost which would include Great Britains VAT charge and shipping. Haven't heard yet, but I expect price to be similar to the Londonderry product.

I guess I'm just too old to deal with today's world!!