Backstage at the Henry Ford Museum Feb 23, 2019


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Saturday February 23, 2019
As we discussed in our spring meeting, the “fall” Great Lakes Chapter meeting is to be held at the Henry Ford Museum. Ed Stuckey has graciously been handling the plans but has run into a snag. The Museum curator is not available until winter. I am ok with this…we’ll just have a later than usual Chapter meeting.

Henry Ford Conservation team and Curator of Decorative Arts are looking forward to our visit at 10am-11:30am.

We are asking for your confirmation. We’re hoping to get 25 people in order to keep the cost down. Please let me know if you are planning to attend:

    1/2 hour presentation in meeting room
    1 hour tour in our Fully Furbished exhibit discussion the various collections in detail.

The cost would be $200 for the tour (they typically charge $200 per group of 15 so this would be a discount for 25 people), plus $200 for their conservators time (typically they charge $100 per conservation staff per hour so this would also be at a discounted rate)  They also charge for curatorial time, but will waive that for this visit.  Total would be $400 for a group of 25.

Again…I need your confirmation and a decent attendance to make this work. Having a curated look at this important collection is well worth the time and money.

I look forward to seeing you there!