Back Country Carolina & Carolina's Chapter


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I just moved to Raleigh from the Detroit area where we had a very active "Great Lakes Chapter" so it is very sad that neither of these 2 chapters have anything going. The last forum threads were November 2014 & December 2013 respectively. I don't mind trying to resurrect the chapters but have no experience or a clue as to how to do it. Is there help anywhere? I am due for a renewal this next month. I don't want to re-up if I have to travel 100's of miles to participate.


David Turner
Raleigh, NC


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We will miss you here in Michigan! I am pleased that you are checking out the NC chapters.  We have been looking for help in reinvigorating the chapters. I have passed your inquiry to Dick Reese, chairman of our Chapter Support committee. The committee can be of some assistance.

Dale Ausherman
President, SAPFM