Austin, TX - what to see this summer

Brian Smith

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Hi all,

I'm a graduate of the North Bennet Street School, and it looks like I'll be in Austin TX around the end of July/early August 2010 (7/29 to 8/2) for a wedding, and I'm looking for stuff for us - or just me - to do or see.  Activities can include anything from museums to woodworking to live music to block parties to roller derby or anything else going on at that time. 

Thanks in advance for any tips,
Brian Smith
CFM '08


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Hi Brian. I am a NBSS grad myself (07), surely we know each other. I'm in Dallas, 3 hours north, but I spend a fair amount of time in Austin. Email me or give me a call sometime. There is plenty to keep you busy down there.

[email protected]

- Dan