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I was wondering if everyone has received the new issue of American Period Furniture? I see on some social media sites some members have received theirs. Who should be contacted if I have not received it yet?...Oh.... and Happy Holidays to all! 


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I have learned from our Editor that the printer put these in the mail at the end of the first week of December. We think it reasonable to expect issues to arrive within 3 weeks, 4 weeks at the latest. 3 weeks puts us at December 28. It would be best to wait until the end of first week in January to see if the issues arrive. (This is a longer wait by one week from my earlier reply.) If the issue has not arrived by then the please let [email protected] know and we will determine how best to address. ALSO, please check to be sure your current address is consistent with the address listed in your online SAPFM profile, as that address as of 31 October was where your issue would have been mailed.
Thanks for your patience and help.
Dale Ausherman
President, SAPFM


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I had gotten in-touch with David Coke and Bob Lang, explained the problem and a replacement copy was shipped out . It arrived yesterday.Thanks all for your help.


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I was waiting for my issue as well. It arrived this Saturday. It was repackaged by the USPS, and was damaged in shipping. Fortunately a majority of the damage was to the plastic bag it was shipped in. There were a few light scuffs here and there but nothing to warrant replacement.

Haven't finished reading it yet but so far it's great!


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I was just searching by back issues and was wondering, has a master index of all articles in all back issues ever been done?Thanks