2010 N E Chapter


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UPDATE: Due to the Holidays & weather in NE there has not been any meetings for the end of 2009.

The year 2010 is fast approaching and the outlook for the NE Chapter looks so promising.  On paper we have Allen Breed, Mike Dunbar, Phil Lowe,  CVSW (FEB. Meeting), and I am working on contacting a few more craftsmen (NBSS, David Lamb, Peter Follensbee, ETC.)  Dates are being chosen by the craftsmen ASAP.  There will be more info to follow.  I am working hard to have the whole 2010 laid out on paper.  So get ready to mark those calendars.  All of you wanted more meeting, more demos, and more locations for ease of travel, well here it comes to hopefully satisfy many but not all.  Due to the concern of a small gathering I will be offering this to other guilds and societies.  So please when you receive an email for RSVP do so quickly.


Happy Holidays