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  1. Antiquity

    2020 APF

    Yesterday I received my copy of the 2020 "American Period Furniture". Wow! Every year I say how can it get better and yet it does every year. Thanks to all who contributed. It is truly the best furniture magazine/journal ever printed. Dennis Bork
  2. Antiquity

    Cartouche Awardd

    Congratulations to David Lamb for the Cartouche Award! And that's a beautiful piece of furniture. Dennis Bork
  3. Antiquity

    Low Angle Block Plane

    Has anyone used the Bench Dog #62 low angle bench plane (14" long, frog at 12°) or the one by L-N or Stanley? I know it works well on end grain but I want to know if it works well on hard curly woods. Does it prevent or limit the tear out that you can get from a regular bench plane? Thanks...
  4. Antiquity

    Check your Forum Catagories

    SAPFM recently upgraded its server. In doing so it "Unnotified" several of the Forum categories that I was subscribing to. So double check your categories to see if you are being Notified or Unnotified. Login in at the bottom of the Forum page does not work but it does work at the top. Dennis...
  5. Antiquity

    aging (grey) wood

    Has anyone tried to age/weather (grey color) wood? I've tried the method of soaking steel wool in vinegar but it only turns the wood a medium brown color. It does not matter how long I soak the steel wool or what wood I use. It only turns brown. The guys on You Tube said it turns grey. Thanks...
  6. Antiquity

    Amazing Secretary Cabinet

    Check out this secretary cabinet...amazing!!! Dennis Bork
  7. Antiquity

    Mack Headley

    Mack Headley, master furnituremaker at Colonial Williamsburg, officially retired as of today. We wish him the very best in his retirement. And thank him for all he has taught us over the decades. Dennis Bork
  8. Antiquity

    Block front secretary - closed

    (For some reason I am having trouble posting. This is my 3rd attempt. Each time it says it was successful but nothing is there. Sorry if it is there 3 times.) A Salem, MA mahogany secretary or desk and bookcase I recently completed. The blocked lid is carved from one piece of wood as well as...
  9. Antiquity

    Secretary - open

    The open secretary. Dennis Bork
  10. Antiquity

    Tiger Maple

    While at a show last weekend a customer told me that the EPA is considering a ban on tiger maple wood. They are considering it to be an "endangered species"! Has anyone else heard of this or is it just nonsense. Dennis Bork Antiquity Period Designs
  11. Antiquity

    Gene Landon - Book Tribute

    In the latest issue of Early American Life magazine, April 2012, there is an article about a book being published about the work of Gene Landon.  It has 200+ pages and 400+ photos.  Published by, $79.95...
  12. Antiquity

    history og veneer tape

    All, Does anyone have online articles showing the history of veneer tape? I know the ancient Egyptians had hot hide glue. You can can make veneer tape by applying the glue to paper, let it dry and then re-wet it. So I assume veneer tape goes back hundreds or thousands of years but I need...
  13. Antiquity

    Tormek sharpening machine

    Does anyone have the Tormek T-7 or T-3 sharpening machine?  If so, what are the pros and cons for each machine?  I might be in the market to buy one. Dennis Bork
  14. Antiquity

    CW blog

    I just discoverded this.  The Anthony Hay's cabinet shop at Colonial Williamsburg has a blog.  I found it interesting. Dennis Bork
  15. Antiquity

    2011 Cartouche Award

    Ben Hobbs, Congratulations on being the 2011 Cartouche Award recipient! Dennis Bork
  16. Antiquity


    A few months ago (summer) someone posted a question asking why the Forum was so slow.  I responded by saying that it has always been slow in summer but picks up in the fall.  Well, the fall is here and it is still slow.  In all pasts years it has been busy in the fall. I'm trying to figure out...
  17. Antiquity

    PBS show

    Al Breed & Phil Lowe, I saw you both on the new PBS wood working show.  Nice job but very short cameo. Dennis Bork
  18. Antiquity

    Our new site

    All, My wife and I just launched our new web site with secure online shopping, I still have about 100 more items to photograph and then U/L and CeCe needs to proof it all.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome - good or bad. After 16 years we decided...
  19. Antiquity

    Statton Furniture Co.

    All, FYI: A customer just told my wife that Statton Furniture Co., from NY, is going out of business.  Statton made quality cherry furniture and had their own forrest.  All their furniture was made in the USA.  Sounds like another US furniture maker has fallen to the foreign imports. Dennis...
  20. Antiquity

    Nickles & Stone furniture

    FYI:  A furniture rep came into our store today.  He said that Stickley Furniture Co. bought out Nickles & Stone Furniture Co.  They then closed the mfg. plant (about 6 months ago) and are having all the furniture now made overseas, he thought Viet Nam.  He also told me that labor cost in...