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  1. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

    I think we will have to dispense with attachment (for the time being) since we have what looks like a good work-around (i.e., inlining images), which some would even prefer. Please let me know if that restriction would be significant.
  2. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

    Currently the limit is 4Mb per image and 10 images per posting (I think). That's likely excessive but I left it as is.
  3. KDoney

    Price4Antiques database

    I just alerted the developers, should be back shortly.
  4. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

    I've looked at the settings and attachments are allowed up to 4096Kb (4Mb), same limit as the inline images. It's also configured so that you can only see attachments if you are logged in. But I'm logged in, have full administrator privileges, and don't see the attachments. I'll keep looking for...
  5. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

    Right, no attachment is visible even though it is there. I will investigate but until then we should avoid attachments.
  6. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

    It's odd, the initial post has two attachments but I can't see them unless I 'edit' the post. Not very useful if they are invisible. Please try posting something and let me know if it works as an attachment and/or inline.
  7. KDoney

    How do I post an image?

    NOTE: These instructions are out of date since the Forums migrated to the XenForo platform in 2022.
  8. KDoney

    Test thread for attachments

  9. KDoney

    Working Wood in the 18th Century Conference

    I will be there...
  10. KDoney

    Wanted: Back issues of the membership journal American Period Furniture

    Back issues of the journal are available to SAPFM members on the website. Just log in and select "Store" and "Publications" in the menu. 2001-2005 are available only in PDF format. 2013 and 2020 are out of stock and not available. All other issues should be available.
  11. KDoney

    Members Plans

    Hi Gary. The menu items you describe indicate that you are/were not logged into the website. ======================= Please look in the upper right corner and you will see a "Sign In" icon. ======================== If you are logged in then you will see your name (instead of "Sign In") and...
  12. KDoney

    Phil Lowe Drawing Status?

    We have requested an update on the plans/expectations for completing the conversion of more drawings. This thread will be updated when we get any more information.
  13. KDoney

    Phil Lowe Drawing Status?

    SAPFM is hosting the Phil Lowe library on our website and we are honored to support the Lowe family wishes in making these drawings available to the public at no charge. The digitization of the original drawings, and the associated fund-raising efforts, is being completed by a third-party...
  14. KDoney

    Price4Antiques database

    You found a bug... The link you found was wrong, it has now been corrected to take you to the P4A description page. I've attached two images for reference. The first is the description page that contains the link ("P4A Antiques Reference Database") to the actual database. The second image shows...
  15. KDoney

    Annual Members Meeting - March 27 (virtual @ 7:00 PM)

    The Annual Members meeting will be held via zoom on March 27th starting at 7pm. A Zoom link will be distributed to all members the week before the meeting. See you all there !
  16. KDoney

    SAPFM Mid-Year Conference (June 24-27, 2022) in Fredericksburg, VA

    The SAPFM Mid-Year Conference, June 24-27, 2022, continues to take shape. We have partnered with the University of Mary Washington Department for Historic Preservation in Fredericksburg, VA. All presentations will take place in Combs Hall on the Campus and the two banquets will be in the Jepson...
  17. KDoney

    My Account - How to view your membership status

    One of the recurring issues with the old website was the difficulty of determining your membership status. Is my membership active? If so, when does it expire? The new website makes it much easier to find this information by providing a central location for all account-based actions. The...
  18. KDoney

    Welcome to the new SAPFM website and Forums

    The new SAPFM website is a complete overhaul of the site content so it's inevitable that finding things will be a challenge until you get used to the layout. This forum focuses on answering questions on how best to use the website and where to find things. So, ask away. We'll keep this forum...
  19. KDoney

    How to determine your SAPFM membership status

    The current website doesn't make it easy to determine your SAPFM membership status (basically, when does/did my membership expire?). Please see for details. (The textual part of the instructions is repeated below for your...