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    Cuff Banding

    I not sure what's wrong with the pics not posting. Maybe too large. I have the Montgomery book - don't know why I didn't think of it. Thanks!
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    Cuff Banding

    Here's a couple of pictures
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    Cuff Banding

    I'm building a small bedside table for my wife. I would like to add cuff banding to the legs but have a few questions: 1. How far from the bottom of the leg to the banding 2. How wide is a typical federal cuff banding 3. How thick to make the banding 4. Personal opinion on the easiest way...
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    Storing Veener

    I had the good fortune to obtain some nice veneer over the last year.  Previously, I have stored veneer wherever I could find space and in no particular manner.  I would like to set up a dedicated space.  Most of the veneer won't be used for some time.  I don't want to destroy it by storing it...
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    How to Cross Band Veneer Strips

    I am going to inlay a border of veneer into a solid table top.  I want to cross band the veneer for the border to increase its thickness and add some strength.  My question is how to do this?  Should I pre-cut slightly oversize pieces, use white glue, and press it up like I do for bandings -or-...