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    Rococo Adam

    Don't let Rococo Jo have all the fun.  Rococo carving is fun and it was done in America to great effect.  It was not always "muted" as some who don't personally like the style have claimed.  The fact is, it's harder to do than the "muted" and more stylized stuff that many colonies produced (New...
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    Mount Pleasant Open House April 26

    There will be an open house this weekend (April 26) at Mount Pleasant.  Links and some other stuff are here: I think this is a worthwhile experience for period furnituremakers.  Pretty sure its free.  You can take the...
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    Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Open House Jan 30-31

    Alan Turner is hosting an open house at his shop in Germantown (Philadelphia PA) on January 30-31. Sapfm members should not miss the opportunity to see Philadelphia Museum of Art Conservator Christopher Storb carve a Philadelphia ball and claw, tell you how to sharpen your gouges, and demo low...
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    Woodworking in America

    I'm home from Woodworking in America, Popular Woodworking magazine's hand tool only ww conference.  The conference had more than a little content that would have been of interest to sapfm members.  Aside from my 18th c demo booth in the market place with hi-def video projection for scribe line...