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  1. MarkHochstein

    A woodworkers guide to Williamsburg?

    I'm heading down to Williamsburg with the family this week. I'm hoping to be able to sneak off for a while to make the rounds of places of particular interest to woodworkers. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any consolidated information about the places I should visit. I know the...
  2. MarkHochstein

    Old Sturbridge Village or Historic Deerfield?

    I have about 7 hours to burn on Tuesday. I'm staying right at the Bradley airport in Connecticut. Old Sturbridge Village and Historic Deerfield are about equidistant. So, I was wondering which is a better place to visit for someone who's into period furniture? Is there anything I should be sure...
  3. MarkHochstein

    Contact info for Jeffrey Greene

    Do any of you guys have any contact info for Jeffrey Greene in Newport by chance? I'm trying to get some information about one of the tea tables in his book, but I haven't been able to reach him so far.
  4. MarkHochstein

    My visit to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

    Here's link to a blog post I did about my visit the Boston MFA. Not much commentary, just a bunch of pictures of the 18th Century furniture they have on display.
  5. MarkHochstein

    Hand Finishing vs Spray Finishing

    Do you believe that spray finishing is appropriate on period furniture? Would it make a difference if it was a "reproduction" versus a just a period style piece that was not necessarily a reproduction?
  6. MarkHochstein

    Any good techniques for installing Brusso Bullet Catches?

    I'm finishing construction of a low cherry entertainment center and I'm using Brusso bullet catches to secure the doors. It's my first time using them. Any tips on installing them? I've played with some scrap in an attempt to refine my technique since it's a "one shot" deal installing them. My...