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    Brass for hardware?

    I'm working on a design for a new project and I'd like to make my decorative brass hardware.  I've read that the 300 series of brass is the most appropriate for machining, but I can only find it in 1/16 thickness. That's a little thick for what I want to do.  I've read that the 260 or...
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    Jefferson's Desk

    This seems  to be a popular project.  Just saw this article in Smithsonian...hope the link is valid...
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    Congrats Freddy! Nice article!

    For those that don't subscribe, Freddy produced a great article on banding for Fine Woodowrking.  nice work Freddy! I'ver never made any, but it is on my list.... Tony
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    I was watching a show on PBS this weekend and they made a tambour using canvas and contact cement as the adhesive.  Got me to wondering, how were they made in the 18th century?  Did they just use hide glue?  Was wondering about the flexibilty of hide glue soaked canvas? Tony
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    Carving Reeds?

    Well, specifically, the ends of the reeds.  I have carved some reeds on a couple of pieces using scratch stocks.  This weekend, I was playing around making a reeded shaft for a flag. Ok, it is a pirate flag for my shop - too many pirate movies and tv shows lately!  Anyway, I was using it as a...
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    Carving Stand in Jeff Headley's Pics?

    Jeff, I was just looking at the pics you posted some time ago of your family in the shop.  I noticed a gentleman working on a chair back on a interesting looking splayed leg carving table/stand.  Just wondering if that is something you know something about?  Looked like it might be quite...
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    Winterthur Cellarette Dimensions?

    I'd like to build something similar to this cellarette at Winterthur.  Anybody have any dimensions or know where I can look?  I'll probbaly shrink it as it looks too big for my space, but I would like to get some proportions and such to start with.  Thanks, Tony
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    How to cut veneer round?

    I've got my pie wedges all taped up and after much consideration, I'm planing on making the whole top (banding and all) before glueup.  So, my next step is to cut the pie wedges round.  Any tips or ideas?  I have a compass I made with an Xacto knife on the end that I'm playing with.  The blade...
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    Round Table Top Cross Banding Application

    So, what is a good way to aplpy the cross banding on a round veneered radial pattern top?  I've seen references to applying the radial pattern, then routing for the banding.  I'v also seen references to making the whole thing (all taped up) and aplpying all at once.  Any tips would be...
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    Curved Table Skirt Tenons?

    I'm building a round table.  Got the legs turned and mortised.  Got the skirt sections bricked and ready for veneer and tenons.  I have some ideas on forming the tenons, but I thought I'd ask for any tips or tricks you might have.  My best idea is a jig to at least get them close on teh TS with...
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    Corner Chair?

    My wife and I were watching Antiques Roadshow the other night and saw a corner chair.  That lead to a discussion of the orgins/history of the corner chair.  I've heard various explanations.  A little research leads towards the idea that it was just a design style with no partcicular purpose. ...
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    Shaded Fan Materials

    I am planning on making my first shaded fan for the center of my current table project.  Just wondering what veneers are good to use and perhaps where to get them?  Any tips on creating a shaded fan would be appreciated too.  I've lots of good info out there. Thanks, Tony
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    Round Top Table Questions

    I'm finishing up the design for a 18" diameter table I am going to build to go between the lolling chairs I recently finished.  First question is how best to make the rails?  I've seen laminated rails and brick laid rails.  I've never done either, so I thought I'd ask what works best.  I have a...
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    Oval Table Construction

    I am considering building an elliptical shaped table.  I just finished a pair of Lolling chairs and need a table to go in between them.  I've seen several methods of building something like this, but I thought I would ask if anybody has any good tips.  I've seen lamination, brick, etc...
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    Lolling Chairs Complete

    Wow, I was just looking at my posted questions when I first started these chairs and I can't believe it has been a year.  Not sure when I started making sawdust, but I know I was working on the design this time last year.  Time flies.  Anyway, here they are.  I actually finished them in...
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    Jeff Headley - Clock in April 2010?

    Hi Jeff.  Enjoyed the article on quarter columns.  The clock in the article is beautiful.  Any way I could get plans or reference for soemthing similar so I could buuild my own version? I don't know that my suburban home will work with a clock that big (looks like it might be 8' or so?).  I may...
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    Lolling Chair Construction

    Sorry to be a pest with all the questions!  I bought some makore over the weekend to sue on these chairs.  It looks a lot like mahogany and I think it will work out nicely. Most of the construction of these chairs appears to be straightforward.  I have a couple of quastions about the arms and...
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    String Inlay on Lolling Chair arm support?

    I'm considering bhilding a couple of lolling chairs.  One thing I have sen that I like is a bit of sring inlay on the legs and the front arm support.  As I pondered this, I started wondering if there is a trick to installing the inlay on a face that is concave?  Basically it appers that you have...
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    Nails in furniture

    I posted a question in the tables section about attaching molding to a tray topped tea table.  That got me to thinking about nails in furniture.  I try to avoid nails and screws, but I realize they are historically accurate.  So, what bout using nails to attach small moldings?  What kind of...
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    Tea Table Molding Attachment Method?

    I'm in a bit of a pickle.  I'm building a try topped tea table.  I made the top molding in two pieces similar to what Norm Vandall did on his table in his book.  I made my molding with a different profile, but same idea.  Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out the best way to attach it.  What I...