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    Working Wood in 18th Century

    Registration is now open for the Wiliamsburg Working Wood in 18th Century
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    Wooden Wheel construction question

    I am building a 4' dia wooden wheel and am looking for some tips. The wheel in being constructed with 3 sections. So far I have built a bending form and laminated the 3 sections over sized in length. How would you lay-out each section? How would you join each section? I am considering lap...
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    Rehab Wooden Fillister Plane

    I am looking for advice on how to rehab a wooden moving fillister plane. One of the fence screws goes in at an angle (not drilled square) and therefore does not make good contact to hold the fence. Since the rest of the plane is in very good condition, I would appreciate advice on how would you...
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    Muntin profile on Eastern Shore VA Corner Cabinet circa 1745?

    On the glass door for the corner cabinet, I am trying to establish the position of the glass toward the front of the mutton. From my pictures, it appears the glass sits just below the ovolo with a small amount of wood profile before the glass. What is the dado size for the glass? If the Mutton...
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    Sources of old tools?

    Would anyone like to share a source for old tools that I could visit on my drive to Williamsburg in January? We drive through Virginia and would expect several good places in this area. I am interested in tools for a user verses a collector. Bob
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    Philadelphia Stool

    I am building my first Philadelphia Stool and request suggestions on what type of fabric would be the most period proper. Philadelphia ball & claw legs with shells on the knee and applied shells to 2 rails made with mahogany. Bob
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    Eastern Shore of Virginia Corner Cabinet cira 1745

    I am seeking info on this Corner Cabinet, so I can build as Period Proper as possible. The corner cabinet is Pictured in Southern Furniture in the Colonial Williamsburg Collection in a Black Antiqued Finish. (which is how I plan on finishing it) Since the picture is of the black finish, it is...
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    Marble Top on Maple

    Question --  Should I be concerned with wood movement with this design? I need to build a small pedistle table with a marble top (14" Diameter --customer provided) on a solid maple sub --14 1/2" Diameter. I was thinking of using silicon to fasten the marble to the Cherry sub. --