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    for sale

    all antiques may ( furniture issue ) from 1972/ present , other antiques issues , antiques & fine art ,wood work,American woodworker (only the older ones ), woodcarving( Britsh), traditional woodworker,furniture& cabinetmaking, woodsmith & shopnotes various issues. many tiltes of woodworking &...
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    Rob Millard 'S shop in poplar woodworking

    Rob Millard's shop is featured in poplar woodworking . a gifted cabinetmaker for sure !!!
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    LOOKING FOR 8/4 TEAK. ANY ONE HAVE A SOURCE? [email protected]
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    girl scout loan 1929

    does anyone have any idea what the girl scout loan catalog of 1929 is worth ? I want to sell mine.
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    Whitley prints

    has anyone  noticed  that Bob Whitley does not have the prints on his web site anymore, or am i not seeiny right ?