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    queen anne corner chair construction

    It appears that some Queen Anne corner chairs use a two piece top rail to the back where the joint is lapped by a carved curved member. Is the joint between the two sides a simple butt joint, and how are the two pieces connected to each other and to the lapped piece ?
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    Tripod pedestal table leg alignment

    I have found many pictures of Queen Anne tables with double tripod leg assemblies that show the single leg pointed out toward the ends, and almost as many showing it pointed in toward the middle. Is there a right and wrong; and if so why ? It seems to me that single leg out at the ends is less...
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    Pre-wax to ease removal of glue squeeze

    A recent woodworking magazine includes an article on using a specialized wax on wood in the vicinity of joints before glue up to make it easy to clean up squeeze out. It seems too good to be true; the author ststes that the wax is easily removed and has no effect on various finishes. What...
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    Veneer matching on drawer fronts

    In the cae of a spice chest where the number of drawers varies between two and three, what is the accepted way to match the veneers since you cannot book match three panels. Karl
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    Veneering the back of a raised panel composite door insert

    I am involved with a project in which I would like to veneer the back of a raised panel door tombstone insert, and I have been cautioned by a very experienced furniture builder that to do so may result in severe cupping of the panel. The particulars are that the raised panel is to be about 8 x...
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    Who pays for loss ?

    A customer delivers a very rare and expensive piece of thick figured stock to the furniture maker to be resawn and incorporated into multiple raised panels of a cabinet, all to be carefully finished and matched in location and alignment for appearance. The furniture maker makes an error and...
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    Making your own hardware - hinge pins

    I am making my own hardware for a presentation piece using sterling silver and I have hit a wall. The problem is the hinge pins; I am making them from wire sized to the hole size in the castings and I am familiar with how to pean the ends over on one end of the stock in a split clamp die I made...
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    Sugar ? pine carving blocks

    I am seeking a suppplier of relatively thick pine for carving a wood pattern.  12/4 would be fine, and I was taught to call the material we used locally- Mid-Atlantic states - sugar pine, but I am not sure that would be recognized . It had a very uniform grain and was soft to carve while not...
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    Beginners furniture project

    My first furniture project was intended to teach the fundamental building block skills with hand tools, and not necessarily to result in a useful piece of furniture, although mine did. It was a simple pump lamp: 1. Step one was to plane the base ( about 6 x 6 x 3/4 )  to the proper width from...
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    Dining table plateau

    I hope that others will not take offense that I am posting a photo here of a project that is not strictly furniture, it a silver plateau I built to a nautical motif to go on my Queen Anne dining table. The plateau is in five sections joined by hidden pin joints so that if leaves are taken from...
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    Sterling silver hardware

    Has anyone ever seen an antique piece that was fittted with sterling silver hardware ? I was thinking of something small like a knife box, writing desk or tea caddy. Karl
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    Workability of camphorwood

    I am thinking of using  camphorwood to make drawers in a spice cabinet with many small drawers; the straight grain yellowish wood that was used to build large shipping chests to ship tea and silk from China in 19th Century, not the reddish fish-eyed burl which is much more commonly seen. Does...
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    Staining when holly stringing is present

    I have moved this discussion to here from the SF Bay Area Topic because it seemed to have gone beyond their domain. I have chosen to use a proprietary brand of gel stains on my projects because my stuff lives in the real world with kids and grandchildren and dogs. I completed a project some...
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    Is this construction faithful to originals ?

    A book I have shows a technique for cutting the slanted sided of blind dovetails in drawer fronts in a series of slanted saw cuts that extend well beyond the extent of the depth of the dovetail and seem to be just left in place. I was rather taken aback to see this, but perhaps I should have...
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    chisel bevel angle ???

    I am starting f rom scratch to regrind and sharpen some old Buck Brothers chisels. As I recall my reading about the trade off of bevel angle, the optimum for any given blade is a function of the "relative " physicals the steel; as I recall japanese blades are best sharpened to a different angle...
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    Finishes on reproduction furniture

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the most likely finish material on Period Firniture reproductions made by the production shops of the 50s - 70s ? I am interested in refinishing a piece and would also welcome hints about the best way to remove the most likely finishes. I am sure there are those...
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    Level of fit and finish of period pieces

    I had the occassion to visit a well- known gallery that has a substantial collection of pieces from the Delaware River Valley area. Having been exposed mostly to reproductions and originals in private hands, I was somewhat surprised by some less than perfect details of certain pieces. There...
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    Construction method for a shell/dome top cupboard

    Does anyone know of a book or article that specifically covers the construction methods for the scalloped shell/dome often seen in corner cupboards ? I know of one that was built by bread and butter build up of the dome in white pine lifts, followed by much carving of each scallop, but I was...
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    Wood parts to silver flatware

    This is slightly off topic, but related. I am making replacement olive wood bowls and fork times for an antique sterling silver flatware salad serving set. The pieces have hollow sterling handles into which wood shafts and inserted. Does anyone know what finish was used on these wood parts...
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    Edge joints in case back boards

    I am looking for information on the alignment ( vertical versus horizontal)  and the way to make joints ( butts, half laps, tongue and groove, etc )  between the individual secondary wood boards that make the back of a case piece. In particular, I am wondering how they dealt with  the difference...