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    Philly Federal End Table

    I am looking to build a Philly Federal end table with string and bell flower inlay.  Cannot seem to find any measured drawings or plans online.  Does anyone know where I may be able to procure a set of plans?  Also I have no inlaying experience and could use some advice on where to find good...
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    Wood filler

    I am looking for a wood filler that is can use on a carving.  I have used famowood before and it does not receive stain/finish well.  The wood is mahogany.  Thanks
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    Newport Chest Brasses

    Does anyone know what the plate and bore sizes are for the pulls and escutcheons on a Townsend chest of drawers?  This would be the early version c1765.  I had a chance to view and measure an orginal a couple of months ago and missed this detail.  Thanks
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    Newport Chest of Drawers

    I am a new member and first time user of the forum so I'm not realy sure how this works.  I am looking for a set of plans or dimensional information for a John Townsend Newport chest of drawers.  Specifically I am embarking on a reproduction of the Sarah Slocum peice of 1792.  Any help would be...