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    2017 Midyear dates

    Was a date and location set for the 2017 MidYear?  I'm getting a request in June 2017 and want to coordinate dates if I can.  Sorry I missed everyone this year. Thanks Paul
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    Thanks - Finished clock

    Thanks to all that offered assistance.  Here are a couple of shots of the finished piece. Paul
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    Bonnet door locks

    Well into my Roxbury clock build I'm trying to decide if I should install the small half-mortise lock set I purchased for the bonnet (hood) door.  There's not a lot of room for error so before I mess around with fitting it I wondered if anyone has if opinion locks were installed on these...
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    Roxbury Cornice

    Apparently I'm following the crowd and also building a Roxbury-inspired clock.  While communicating with another member I was told that the grain should run vertically in the arched cornice moulding.  I don't have a period example handy to examine but the photos I've looked at seem to show maybe...
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    Easing the edge

    What is the preferred method to ease the edges of a project?  For years I've done this with a block plane and some sandpaper in the corners.  Is there a better way?  Right now I'm working on a Federal Card Table and I'm debating how far to go with easing the edges of the wood.   Federal work...
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    Mid-year question

    I'm headed to my first SAPFM mid-year (or any time of the year) in June and looking forward to it.  Can anyone tell me if SAPFM clothing is usually on sale at these events?  I assume it would be but you know what they say about assuming. Thanks Paul
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    MESDA tag

    While researching federal era card tables for my next project I found that my neighbor owned a card table that's been in the family for generations and he believes was made in SC.  While photographing, I crawled under and found a MESDA tag indicating it had been photographed and recorded in...
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    It seems to me that perhaps the best "next tool" for me would be a better camera.  Without getting into details of what I'm using now I'm looking for a camera to record construction details, museum examples (where allowed), techniques, etc...  Certainly I would like to photograph my work as...
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    Period bed center rail

    (revised to get rid of the funny characters) Looking for a little help on a period bed detail.  I'm in the midst of a Sheraton Field Bed build, queen sized.  I lost the battle and will have box springs, and in this case it will be a split set - can't make a turn with a full queen box spring...