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    Nitric Acid and curly maple

    I tend to shy away from nitric acid because it can be hazardous. I know a lot of guys use it on gun stocks, but I'm not so sure I would go that route on a full sized piece of furniture. An analine dye would be my choice. Kirk
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    Temperature for hide glue

    140 degrees is the morm. Kirk
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    Removing glue from fretwork

    You might try using rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits on a test spot to see if it works. To apply a paper pattern I have always just used a thin film of white glue or hide glue. Both will clean up with water. Keep the paper wet until it has soaked through, then use a scraper. Kirk
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    Sotheby's preview

    By chance is anyone going to Sotheby's preview that would be willing to take some photos for me of a few pieces?  If so, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks, Kirk
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    Design Videos

    For anyone interested, George Walker has several videos on furniture design on youtube.  Just type in "George Walker design" and it should bring them up. Kirk
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    The Cabinetmaker and the Carver:Boston Furnitre from Private Collections

    Does anyone have this book?  I was wondering how helpful it is to a furniture maker and how much of it covers 18th century furniture.  Thanks, Kirk
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    Another Good Blog

    If you haven't already found it, Chris Storb's blog is certainly worth your time.  It is not only interesting, but it has some great photos of Mt. Pleasant as well as other things. Kirk
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    Ionson Commode

    If anyone is interested, Skinner is going to auction one of Harold Ionson's commodes on Aug. 10th.
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    Charleston Chest

    Does anyone have any photos, especially detail shots of inlay, moldings, etc., of the Charletson Serpentine Chest in the Dewitt Wallace Gallery at Colonial Williamsburg that I could get? Thanks, Kirk
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    Mini Plane

    I have been looking for a small shoulder type plane with a 3/8" blade X 4 1/2" long for quite some time.  I just happened to come across Stephen Boone's website,  I called to see if he could adapt his plane to what I wanted, and he did.  He...
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    bowed and twisted cupboard door

    I am making a walnut corner cupboard.  It has a glazed upper door with 15 panes of glass.  It measures 23" wide ,  45 3/16" high, and 15/16 thick.  I made it out of quartersawn stock thinking that it would be very stable, but it wasn't.  The right side(hinge side) bows inward about 1/32  which...
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    makers of brass hardware

    Does anyone know of any company or individual who can reproduce brass hardware that has the right "look", that is, it should  look like a period piece with all the imperfections, not "brand new".  I need a pair of hinges for a desk I am going to make, but they will have to be made because no one...
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    construction of top for William and Mary dressing table

    I am planning to make a copy of a William and Mary dressing table(lowboy) that has four pieces of bookmatched veneer on the top with crossbanding surrounding  it.  From the few photos I could find, it appears that the molded edge has separate pieces of wood with edge grain applied to the ends as...
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    camera for shooting furniture

    I would like to get a digital camera to photograph my furnitue, but there are so many out there that is hard to choose.  I talked to someone who is very knowledgeable about cameras(not a furniture maker, though) and he suggested a Canon G6.  He said I should get one with the RAW Mode so the...