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    Wood Identification Workshop

    Dear All, I will be teaching my annual Wood Identification workshop this October 26-27th. This is a hands on workshop that is unique because the first day will concentrate on microscopic identification features, the second day we will journey to the Yale Furniture Study to apply all we learned...
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    Wood Identification class

    Hello all, I wanted to inform everyone of a class I will be teaching in our new studio on November 14, 2009. The one day class is designed for anyone interested in wood. The main focus will be on blending macroscopic and microscopic views of wood identification. For more information, please...
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    Information wanted

    Hi all, I am looking for information on the clockmaker Daniel Munroe from Concord MA, and then Boston. I would like to locate more examples of his work. The Concord museum has several examples as well as other regional museums. I am most interested in primary source materials, i.e. accounts...
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    Great DVD's

    Hi all, As a result of the French American Partnership project of the Wooden Artifacts group a set of DVD's has been produced and for sale on the AIC website The subjects include French chair making, recutting of gesso, wax polishing and 18th c...
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    Great reference book

    Hi all, I just bought a copy of Historic Louisiana Nails:  Aid to the Dating of Old Buildings by Jay D. Edwards and Tom Wells. Isbn 0-938909-58-4 This book is a must for anyone who wants to date nails. It covers nail history and manufacture. The pictures are excellent and is the most exhaustive...
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    Great website

    Hi all, Just thought I would share the new developements on the WAG (Wooden Artifacts Group) website. Check it out. New postings for online books, dating screws and a translated book on glue. Enjoy, Randy Wilkinson WAG Chair
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    Golden opportunity

    Hi All, As The Wooden Artifact Chairman of AIC, I was able to obtain 146 copies of Gilded Wood: Conservation and History by Deborah Bigelow, 1991. The book lists for $89.00, but for a limited time, I am offering the book for sale on the AIC website ...