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    Seymour Night Stand Build With Phil Lowe and Freddy Roman

    Meeting #2 of the series, inlaying and shaping the legs, with about 20 people in attendance:
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    Nick Kotula Class Announcement: Period Styles and The Art of Seeing Furniture

    SAPFM member Nick Kotula was unable to post this, so I offered to post it for him: PERIOD STYLES AND THE ART OF SEEING FURNITURE, WITH A TRIP TO THE WADSWORTH ATHENEUM, from 9:00 to 4:00, October 19, 2013 Knowing the different Period Styles and their history will help you understand furniture...
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    Free Hand Tool Woodworking Classes At New England Home Show

    For anyone in the Boston region who's been thinking about learning how to work with hand tools, here's a free opportunity to check it out. I'll be conducting free classes on the very basics of using handsaws, handplanes, and chisels at The Furniture Project during the New England Home Show, Feb...
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    Close Grain School of Woodworking

    Starting May 1, I'll be offering group and private classes in Pepperell, MA covering basic hand tool skills. To repeat what I've said before, I'm not nearly the level of the other instructors here. However, I can help prepare you for their classes, so you can focus on their advanced...
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    Blog Post: Opening Reception for SAPFM Exhibit At CT Historical Society

    I spent a very enjoyable Friday evening at CHS for the reception, and saw magnificent work. The post includes  a short video of Vera Meyer playing Steven Lash's glass armonica: I can see I'm going to have to up my game if I expect to...
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    October Meeting Trip Report
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    Townsend Document Chest and Queen Anne Foot Stool Projects Under Way

    I'm building a Townsend document chest as part of Al Breed's program for the Guild of NH Woodworkers, Period Furniture Group. This will be a nearly two-year program and series of blog posts: I'm also building Mickey...
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    Introduction To Hand Tools, Central MA

    For those of you in the area who are interested in learning the basics of working with hand tools, I offer both group classes through a local community education program, and private instruction at your location. I'm not nearly the level of the other instructors here. However, I can help...
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    Excavating trays and table tops?

    Can anyone recommend a reference or describe the procedure for excavating carved trays and table tops (such as pie-crust tables) using hand tools? I've seen procedures using dado stacks, faceplate turning (for round ones), and running routers back and forth on rails, but none by hand. What did...
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    SAPFM Demo at Whitehorne House, Newport, RI

    This past Sunday four of us got to give a demonstration for the Newport Restoration Foundation at the Whitehorne House 200th anniversary open house in Newport, RI. Special thanks to Freddy Roman for inviting me along! You can read about it at...
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    Building an Al Breed Carving Vise

    For anyone who would like to build one of Al's carving vises, I've posted a writeup at And look at that, it doubles as a bow lathe! Thanks to Al for giving me permission to copy and write about his vise when I took...
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    May Meeting Trip Report

    Another outstanding meeting! Photos and videos at Thanks to Peter Follansbee, Phil Lowe, and Freddy Roman.
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    April Meeting Trip Report

    A report on the April Meeting, with photos and video, is at An excellent meeting, nice job Freddy and Paul!
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    Hand Tool Storage Wall

    I recently completed this storage wall for my hand tools. This has proved to be an extremely popular topic on my blog, since taming loose tools is a constant challenge. The construction methods and materials are very simple (and a bit crude at times!), but effective. As one commenter said, the...