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    PWIA 2016 Sept 16th - 18th

    SAPFM has been given a 10 x 20 booth space at the upcoming Woodworking in America show in Covington, KY. We will need volunteers to man the booth and promote SAPFM and furniture pieces to display as well as demonstrators. Step up and promote SAPFM and make some new friends.
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    Handworks and WIA

    There are two more opportunities to talk about SAPFM and display your work. We will have a display at HandWorks in Amana, Iowa in May and a booth at WIA In Kansas City in September. Let me know if you can help or have something to show.
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    Woodworking In America 2015, SAPFM booth

    There will be a few of us coming from Minnesota to Kansas City for Woodworking in America. It would be nice to have some furniture for a gallery and some demonstrators, any interest? September 25th really isn't that far off.
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    dial Painters

    I am looking for names and contact information for clock dial painters. Several have quit painting recently so let's keep it current. Thanks, Mike
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    Meeting, Saturday May 10th

    The next meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of the SAPFM is Saturday the 10th of May 9:00 am to 5:30 pm 9:00 am to 10:00 am-- Meet and greet, coffee and treats, show and tell (At least bring photos of what you are working on) 10:00 am to 12:00 noon--Tall Clock. Mike Siemsen will talk about the...
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    Portland and Seattle Visit

    I will be in Portland from the 13th - the 17th and In Seattle from the 17th -20th. Any suggestions for must sees? I have some time during the day in Seattle if any wants to get together. I am on public transport.
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    July 27 th meeting

    Our next meeting will be July 27th at the home and shop of Elise Walker in Amery, Wisconsin. Elise will give us the 10 cent tour of her shop and completed projects, Maloof style furniture, award winning rocking horses, and a highboy.  Send me suggestions for content! We can have an instant...
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    Meeting, March 9th

    Sorry you haven't heard from me in some time. I am in the throes of planning our next meeting. I have just completed a tall case clock and I am willing to talk about its' construction. Any other ideas are welcomed as well. The meeting will be at my shop in Chisago City on Saturday, March 9th...
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    Finish on Mahogany

    I am finishing a Willard federal mahogany tall clock case, bare wood, probably mahogany substitutes. I  would like to use shellac, I was thinking of using garnet, maybe ruby if i can get it, until I get close to the color I want, then clear over that and a dark wax to highlight the moldings. I...
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    Woodworking in America 2012, November 2nd-4th

    Several of us we will be making the trek again to Covington, KY to run the Hand Tool Olympics. The goal of the HTO is to provide people with an opportunity to get their hands on some tools and have some fun, while talking up SAPFM and my school. We will be sharing a fairly large booth with...
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    Arched crown production without electricity

    I am starting a project to make a Roxbury - Aaron Willard type case. I know how to use a shaper and router to create the arched crown molding but how did they do it back in the day? Is there any record or evidence? I have a few ideas on how I might do it including carving and scraping but I...
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    Peter Ross Blacksmith class in Minnesota

    Hi Guys, Peter Ross is conducting 2 classes at Tunnel Mill Crafts this summer. They have a few spots to fill. They would like the attendee's to have some blacksmithing/metalworking experience but it is not totally necessary. TMC is south of Rochester, MN. John Here is the link...
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    Someone to build a Willard Clock Case

    I was contacted by a gentleman in Davidson, North Carolina regarding the building of a Willard style clock case. Let me know if you or someone you know would be interested. I would build the case myself but I think it would be better to keep it local and keep the freight costs down. Mike...
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    Lie Nielsen Hand Tool Event

    We will be demonstrating at the L-N event on March 16-17, 2012 at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis, stop by!
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    Minneapolis Institute of Arts Furniture Tour

    Hey all! I have set up a tour of the furniture collection with the curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for Thursday evening Jan 12th, 6-8pm. You can go to this url to see some of the pieces in the collection If there is a...
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    Training Fellowships in France

    I just wanted to pass this information along, I have no affiliation with or knowledge about this program. Mike Training Fellowships Available   The American Friends of Coubertin have announced the availability of training fellowships for September 2012 -July 2013 in woodwork, metalwork...
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    October Meeting

    Blacksmithing demo with Larry Sorensen Saturday Oct. 29, 9:00 am to ? Larry lives in Chisago City, MN We will be making holdfasts. Bring questions and project ideas as well. We will grill and have beverages.
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    Woodworking in America-Hand Tool Olympics

    We hope to see you at WIA! Several members of the Minnesota Chapter are traveling to Covington, KY to run the Hand Tool Olympics again this year. We will also be setting up a frame re-saw recreated from one in Roubo's book. Stop by the booth and visit, take part in the competition, have a visit...
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    July meeting in Duluth

    On Sunday the we met at the home and shop of Tom Little in Duluth. Tom showed us around his shop and log cabin home which is a great backdrop for the furniture pieces he showed us. Tom also is restoring a wooden sail/rowboat that was built by the father of his friend Frank. From tom's house we...
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    Estate tool sale

                        TABLE SAW &                                ROUTERS WITH TABLE                      BIESMEIER FENCE                       ROUTER BITS (more than 50) ---------------------------------------------------- DELTA BAND SAW AIR COMPRESSOR DELTA DUST COLLECTOR RYOBI BISCUIT...