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    Wanting to help The New England Chapter a Success! How Can I Help.

    Okay I have notice all these chapters having so many things going on and having so much passion about sharing information.  Yet the New England Chapter (NEC)has nothing going on or at least nothing I know of.  So I would like to help in any way, but I just don't know how.  As stated before in...
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    Just wondering how a new furniture maker is suppose to survive or get business?

    Come one Come all..... Your opinion is welcome. So here I am a furniture maker trying all he can do to make a living in woodworking.  I am graduate of a furniture making school.  A school known as FIM.  The education was priceless and well worth it.  Yet you can't learn everything.  I was ...
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    Next meeting is when?????????? Next year?????????

    Just curious when our New England Chapter meeting is?  Please this time a little notice would be nice.. Freddy Roman
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    When In The World Is The Next Meeting!!!!!

    Just curious to know when is the next meeting.  Yet, do me a favor just don't have one next week.  We need to plan ahead.  People like myself need a little notice. Thanks, Freddy Roman