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  1. Tom M

    Key for 100-year-old Union Tool Chest

    We moved my 92-year-old father-in-law to an apartment this summer and I ended up with his Union Tool Chest. He apparently got it years ago after a co-worker passed away. I've polished all of the nickel-plated parts, removed all the felt drawer liners, obtained missing corner supports...
  2. Tom M

    Art and Industry in Early America: Rhode Island Furniture, 1650–1830

    Art and Industry in Early America: Rhode Island Furniture, 1650–1830 Now available as free pdf download at the MET.:
  3. Tom M

    Snyder Clock Collection at Rock Ford Plantation

    We visted Historic Rock Ford Plantation (1794) in Lancaster a couple years ago, and we went again last week to see the new museum of the John Snyder collection.  Mr. Snyder left Rock Ford a significant portion of his collection of Lancaster Furniture and Decorative Arts.  Rock Ford opened the...
  4. Tom M

    Bookcase with adjustable shelfs

    I'm planning on building a bookcase for our family room, and want it to have adjustable shelves.  For built-ins I've used K&V metal shelf supports recessed in a shallow groove. But this bookcase with be "Period" style and construction (PA German?), and will be painted. I've never seen period...
  5. Tom M

    Worm holes in Butternut

    I'm building a stepback hutch out of old air-dried butternut.  Some of the wider boards have worm holes which became noticeable after planing the boards.  I would like to use them full width, and one of the sides of the lower cabinet has a lot of worm holes (left side of picture).  On a sample...
  6. Tom M

    Jim Altemus passed away

    Jim Altemus passed away yesterday (9/24/19).  His wife Carol asked me to share the news with SAPFM membership.  I beleive Jim was a member of the of the Board at one point, and he organized and ran the Iroquois chapter.  He was also a long time member of our local club, the Rochester Woodworkers...
  7. Tom M

    Color match walnut

    I made some walnut strips to cover chipped veneer on my grandparent's bedroom set that I've had for 30 years (25 of which my wife has been asking me to do this!)  I also refinished the top after attempting to remove some burn marks. Some were in the shellac, but others where down into the very...
  8. Tom M

    National Gallery of Art Books

    Just saw these as well: American Furniture from the Kaufman Collection [/color]Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment
  9. Tom M

    Tilman Riemenschneider: Master Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages

    You can download a pdf of Tilman Riemenschneider: Master Sculptor of the Late Middle Ages at: I purchased this book 5 years ago after seeing the Blood Alter in Rothenberg and more of his work in Wurzburg.  I...
  10. Tom M

    American Furniture and Related Decorative Arts

    I just got purchased this book from the Milwaukee Art Museum.  About half of the pages are furniture, but it also includes ceramics, silver and fabric from 1660-1830.  On sale for $20 ($25 with S/H), and well worth it...
  11. Tom M

    Am I the only one???

    Forum activity has been down lately, so I thought I would post this picture with a little background. My woodworking friend/mentor was visiting this past summer, and we always spend time in the shop talking about tools and techniques. But one day I had a little project I needed to do for work...
  12. Tom M

    Wood storage

    My lumber rack is full, and not really that big to begin with, so I'm trying to figure out where to store some boards. I think there are two options. 1) make a lumber rack in the front of the garage (eliminating current space for lawn mower and snow blower. 2) store in the attic above the garage...
  13. Tom M

    Attachment size

    Would it be possible to increase the max attachment size from 165k?  This seems pretty small by today's standards. Tom
  14. Tom M

    Wall unit opinions

    I'm planning a wall unit for my small den. I'm looking to have book/magazine/computer stuff storage. My design guidelines are that it has minimal depth, floor to ceiling storage, adjustable shelves, and include some nice & simple architectural details (and of coarse cheap). This is not to be an...
  15. Tom M

    Table Chest with Drawers

    I've been wanting to make this small chest for several years. I thought I understood the construction reasonably well, but in starting a drawing and looking at the picture from "American Case Furniture" I'm thinking I might be wrong.  I'm including a link to a PDF file I put together to try and...
  16. Tom M

    Duncan Phyfe: Master Cabinetmaker in New York

    Clearance at the MET Price: was $65.00 now $14.95 I think I paid $42 when it came out. Not my style of furniture, but a very nice book.
  17. Tom M

    Stretch: America's First Family of Clockmakers

    Just saw this. I'm going to have to build a bigger bookcase!'s-First-Family-of-Clockmakers.html
  18. Tom M

    American Furniture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Early Colonial Period

    On Clearance at the MMA for $25.00 (Currently $81 and Amazon). A lot less than what I paid for it a couple years ago! Mostly New England furniture.
  19. Tom M

    Windsor Chair

    I found this chair on the side of the road thinking it would pay my son's college tuition! I see thing in it that make me think it is pretty old, but having made a Windsor chair myself in a local class by Ken Turner, there are things I see that confuse me. For instance the legs don't come...
  20. Tom M

    HVLP Spray Gun

    I recently purchased a HPLV spray gun from Lowes to spray some cabinets I made for our basement. This was my first experience with spraying, and as I have several home type projects I want to do this year, I thought spraying would be the way to go. Without getting into all the details, I ended...