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    Nitric Acid and curly maple

    Only a few years too late, but......... I used both nitric and chromic acid (sodium dichromate dissolved in 98% sulfuric acid, used for cleaning stubborn lab glassware) back in the late 70s and 80s, when I was building muzzle loading rifles with maple stocks. If anyone should try this, it...
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    Restoration of humidor ?

    I have a friend who acquired a large mahogany humidor that was formerly owned by Robert Woodruff, Chairman of Coca-Cola. The outside needs restoration or perhaps refinishing, which I could do. However, the interior fabrics are torn and stained, and he wants everything redone together. Jeff...
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    Repair of cracked leg on QA highboy

    I have been asked to repair a cracked rear leg on a 1790 vintage Queen Anne highboy in a historic site.  It was appraised at a price that gives me pause, and I have delayed for several years, waiting for written agreement.  The leg is currently stable, but volunteers cracked it by moving it...