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    Midwinter conference

    Can anyone confirm the date of our midwinter conference in Colonial Williamsburg and what the agenda is; speakers, topics, demonstrations, etc?
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    Are Breadboard Ends necessary

    I'm making a music stand that you may have seen at the governor's palace in Colonial Williamsburg. Are breadboard ends necessary on a flat surface that is 15x18x1/2"?  This flat surface is the part that holds the music. Were breadboard ends necessary to keep it from warping?  Any input is...
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    Member Gallery

    What have you completed lately?  I would love to see it displayed on the Member's Gallery. I enjoy reviewing everyone's great work. It is inspiring.  However, I've seen nothing added for months. So send in your work!
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    fluted columns

    I am making a turned column for a music stand which will be fluted.  Is there a general rule on the width of the flute and the space between flutes (or a ratio thereof)? I have been experimenting with the width, depth and the spacing and would love some input from those who have carved flutes...
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    Do you stain or not stain ends of drawer fronts

    I have just completed a Boston Block Front chest (Glen Huey's interpretation/plans) in cherry. I will stain the piece using aniline dyes. How should I handle the drawer ends?  I do not want to destroy the contrast of the dovetails of the cherry drawer fronts and poplar drawer sides - I want the...
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    Sliding dovetails

    How are sliding dovetails made without a router?  What tools are used?  And what is the proper way to taper the joint parts.
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    I need a contact at Williamsburg to measure a piece

    I am looking for permission to measure a piece of furniture at Williamsburg.  Would anyone know of someone I could contact? The piece is at the Governor's Palace. It was not made by The Hay Shop nor have I seen one anyway else.  It is simple a tri-foot music stand used by the musicians for there...
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    Music stand at Williamsburg Governor's Palace

    I am interested in making the music stand used by musicians that play at the Governor's Palace. I sought out Mac Headley last year thinking he may have made but he nothing about it. I am seeking input on the piece, plans or someone I could contact to obtain permission to photo and measure the...
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    Glen Huey's Boston Block-Front Chest

    I began Glen Huey's Massachusetts Block Front today. I have viewed Bruce Leonard's chest which is just beautiful.  Can anyone help clarify the following: I printed the patterns and expanded them to 1/16th per square.  I then attached the two templates to give me the 34 ?? drawer fronts...