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  1. Mgood1845

    Stanley 45 1st time user! SOS

    Bought my 1st Stanley 45 yesterday. Was fiddling around with it briefly yesterday and have noticed some potential issues with my new plane. The cutter adjustment screw rocks side to side, and the pin which holds the cutter finds its way to back out of the cutter when I go raising or lowering...
  2. Mgood1845

    JC Brown Clock

    Just Curious to find out if any of the members of this forum have attempted to make a JC Brown Acorn shelf Clock? My mother collects clocks and I would love to know if anyone here has had any success with one. Thanks!
  3. Mgood1845

    Basics tips for this beginner

    Hello everyone , I am a shiny new Member of SAPFM, and as well as on these forums. I am just starting my woodworking career, and have never made anything from case/carcass style before. Fortunately I have many tools that most 30 year olds do not have access too. My question to the members here...