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    Klingspor sanding belts

    A word of warning for those who use belt sanders for initial leveling of glued up stock: I just got off the phone with a service rep regarding failure of the tape that holds the belts together. I found out the hard way that their belts are only warrantied a year. I have always bought in bulk to...
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    Boiled Linseed Oil

    No, I never looked at it as a "coat" at all. After your water based aniline stain is applied, we would remove parts of the stain to highlight the natural wood grain with fine (320 grit) paper which also creates a more interesting color, not just (brown) and then apply the thinned BLO. I in fact...
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    Boiled Linseed Oil

    I have heard a great deal of commentary re: BLO and it's generally from folks with minimal experience in actually using it or repeating quotes from others. I started my professional career as a woodworker/finisher at the Kittinger furniture company in Buuffalo NY in the early 70s. Kittinger...
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    casuarina (she-oak)

    Thanks for the reply. I spoke with the folks at Certainly wood where I have purchased most of my veneer since they opened in the 80's. They said they didn't have any. I did take your advise and found a small quantity of lacewood on eBay and with some dying of the veneer it will work out for my...
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    casuarina (she-oak)

    I have been trying to locate a small amount or any amount of casuarina, (she-oak) veneer for repairs to a period piece that I purchased some years back. I have tried many of the domestic suppliers I've used to no avail. Perhaps someone in our membership has some they are willing to part with...
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    All I read is, Anyone try this? I'm sure I must be missing something. What exactly is this?
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    Mohawk Finishing

    Have any of the membership had any recent dealings with Mohawk Finishing ( I used to do business with them back in the 70's when they were in Amsterdam, NY and to a lesser extent when thy moved to N. Carolina. I have contacted them four times since August to place an...
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    Forstner bits

    I am looking to replace my old inexpensive Forstner bit set. Can anyone recommend a high end machine grade set?
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    Can anyone recommend an affordable, reliable shipping company that they've used? My route would be from Florida to New York. I need to ship a three piece bedrooms set. The bed has been delivered, a nightstand, dresser, and desk remain. Thanks for any input.
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    6/4 & 8/4 teak

    I have been having a difficult time locating a small quantity of the above mentioned teak. I need approximately 6-8 bf. for the repair of nicely carved pair of antique double entry doors and frame. By chance, does any of the membership have a small amount they would like to sell at a reasonable...
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    Selling customer's antiques

    I've had a couple pieces in the shop and through research have identified them as authentic period pieces. My customer has asked me to sell them  for her. My question to the pros on this forum is:                                    What is an appropriate fee?  Is there a standard percentage of...
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    waxing period pieces

    I am seeking a consensus from the professional conservators/restorers regarding the use of wax on period pieces. I have a piece in the shop for a repair where I reglued a clean break using hot hide glue, removed traces of white glue and replaced some modern nails with period cut nails. The...
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    extra large Honduras mahogany

    After 40 + years in the woodworking business I found myself moving to another shop. I now realize what a wood whore I had become and am entertaining the idea of lightening the load. Specifically the individual helping with the move is practically begging me to sell him 3 very large Honduras...
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    Billing and estimate forms

    Can any of our professional members recommend a stock set of forms that are relevant to either restoration or reproducing period pieces? Many years ago i used a stock form as a template for my own forms but now looking to have something more relevant and computer friendly.
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    American Furniture 1993

    I have an extra copy of the hard to find inaugural 1993 edition of American Furniture by Luke Beckerdite available for sale for $100. the book is in what I consider to be very good condition and is priced below anything I'm able to find through the online booksellers. This might be the edition...
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    I would like to ask the membership if they could recommend an auctioneer capable of liquidating a 40 year old shop that would have the typical stash of great wide boards, many hand tools, partially completed projects, and virtually every book written pertaining to period furniture. Clearly this...
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    Seymour "French Feet"

    Does anyone have any photos of the construction techniques for the Seymours version of the French feet they commonly used on their tall case clocks, shelf clocks and four drawer chests. I have Mussey's book and I see where they canted the legs outwardly at an angle of between six and ten...
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    Bensen & M'Call plane

    I just picked up a Bensen & M'Call rabbet plane out of Albany New York.  The blade is stamped Nash & Co.  Googling it shows no results.  Anybody have any info on this company? Ross
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    Photos of federal inlay

    Besides the fine book,"American Furniture  the Federal Period" by Charles Montgomery, Are there any other sources anyone can recommend as a source for identifying federal inlays?