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  1. nimetzrj

    Mid Season Conference

    I was not able to attend the SAPFM meeting in Colonial Williamsburg this year and can not find any information as for the scheduled dates and location for this years Mid Season conference. Will there be a SAPFM Mid Season Conference this year and if so what are the dates and location? Rich...
  2. nimetzrj

    Fine Woodworking Magazines for sale

    Packing to move to Colorado and need to sell my collection of Fine Woodworking Magazines. I have magazines starting at #-88 May/June 1991 through #251 Winter 2015/2016 for $325. If interested email me at [email protected] Rich
  3. nimetzrj

    Frank Klausz Open House

                                                                                                        SAPFM                                                                                       Delaware River Valley Chapter                                                                          ...
  4. nimetzrj

    Frank Klausz Shop Tour

    Delaware Valley Chapter Frank Klausz Shop Tour Saturday, April 18, 2015 Limited to 20 attendees, $5 per person Location: Frank’s Home 5 Ramapo Way Peapack, NJ 07977 (See Directions Below) Frank Klausz, Master Cabinetmaker, one of America’s woodworking icons has invited Del Val members to...
  5. nimetzrj

    Glue for Line & Berry Work

    I am working on a PA Spice Chest that I want to include some Line & Berry in the project. I have practice on cutting in the design on scrap pieces and have reached the point that I am ready for the Chest. I have researched some articles as to what glue can be used for the setting of the string &...
  6. nimetzrj

    Del-Val Chapter Open Shop Nov 8th

                                                                      Del-Val Chapter Open Shop Nov-8th The Delaware Valley Chapter members were cordially invited to the shop of Dave Dorey located in Rocky Hill, NJ. We started off the day with a meet and greet at the Rocky Hill Fire Dep’t meeting...
  7. nimetzrj

    Del-Val November Chapter Meeting

    Delaware Valley Chapter Meeting Meeting notice for November 8, 2014 Location: Rocky Hill Fire Dept. Bldg. 156 Washington St. Rocky Hill, NJ 08533               & Dave Dorey’s Shop 142 Washington St (Rt 518) Rocky Hill, NJ 08553 (See Directions Below) * Follow the SAPFM Signs for...
  8. nimetzrj

    Del-Val Chapter at Hearne Hardwoods Open House

    The Del-Val Chapter participated in the open house held by Hearne Hardwoods in Oxford, PA on Sep 26 & 27. It was a two day event with demonstrators, tools to be purchased, wood auctions and of course Wood Fired Pizza for lunch. The photo is of Jeff Saylor carving a Cabriole Leg with Dave Dorey...
  9. nimetzrj

    Del-Val Chapter at Hearne Hardwoods Open House

    The Del-Val Chapter will be participating at the Hearne Hardwoods Open House in Oxford, PA on Friday 9/26 10:am to 5:pm and Saturday 9/27 10:am to 4:pm. Participants from the...
  10. nimetzrj

    Hearne Hardwoods Open House

    Hearne Hardwoods Open House I have just been contacted by Hearne Hardwoods of Oxford, PA and our Chapter has been invited to participate at their open house on Sep-26 & 27. As the Del-Val Chapter of SAPFM we have participated in the past with a booth, talking about SAPFM and doing some kind of...
  11. nimetzrj

    Del-Val Chapter Spring Meeting

                                                                      Announcing Del Val Chapter Meeting on May 10, 2014 Location: Woodcraft Store, Parkway Shopping Center, 1543 Lehigh Street Allentown, Pa 18103 (See Directions Below) The Del Val Chapter of SAPFM is pleased to present an...
  12. nimetzrj

    Hearne Hardwoods 2012 Open House Pictures

    For some reason I was not able to attach the pictures to the first message. Bob Rozaieski, carving a Ball & Claw leg. John Previti, preparing veneer for gluing.
  13. nimetzrj

    Hearne Hardwoods 2012 Open House

    The Delaware Valley Chapter participated in the Hearne Hardwoods Open house featuring the Lie-Nielsen Tool Works on Oct, 5th & 6th in Oxford, PA. The event drew many woodworkers looking for that special item or a beautiful piece of wood. There was plenty of interest in the Society of American...
  14. nimetzrj

    Del Val Chapter Fall Meeting

    Announcing Del Val Chapter Meeting September 15, 2012 Location: Woodcraft Store, Parkway Shopping Center 1543 Lehigh St. Allentown, Pa 18103      (See Directions Below) SAPFM Members, We are happy to have engaged Steve Latta for our next meeting.  Many of you know of Steve and his...
  15. nimetzrj

    Del-Val Chapter at Hearne Hardwoods

    Hearne Hardwoods in Oxford, Pa will once again be having their open house with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks on hand and other vendors. The dates are Friday 10/5 & Sat 10/6. Usual starting time is 10:am until 5 or 6:pm. The Del-Val Chapter will also be participating and having a booth setup with a...
  16. nimetzrj

    Summary #-10

    Frank Vocolo; Stringing of a Federal Table leg
  17. nimetzrj

    Summary #-9

    Bob Rozaieski; Raised Panel Doors
  18. nimetzrj

    Summary #-8

    John deming; Chair
  19. nimetzrj

    Summary #-7

    Tom Schlenker; Spice Box
  20. nimetzrj

    Summary #-6

    John Previti; Foot stool