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    How to get started picking a style

    This is a very open ended question, I know but I really have found that I am taking a liking to the "older" furniture styles than say the newer stuff that is all the rage. For example I enjoy woodcarving, not great at it, but not horrible either and certian furniture styles have carvings on them...
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    Does Shellac Crack?

    I was wondering can shellac crack over time? My father found this nice looking hutch but the finish is cracking on it. He ask me about and I said it could be shellac, but I am not sure, how can you tell what type of finish is on an old piece of furniture?
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    Refinishing/ Restoring an Old School Desk

    I am refinishing an old school desk for a very important cilent that happens to also live with me! My questions to all you experts is I was able to knock the desk apart very easily and the glue joints looked like PVA type glue and were poorly done. So my questions is I have herad of using epoxy...
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    Great forum!

    This is really a diamond in the ruff, wow! what a great forum! I am not a professional just a hobbist and really like furniture, and refinishing and restoring furniture which I am doing for myself and afew other people. I just wanted to say that I love old furniture and try to build my pieces...