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    Joinery for small drawer divider

    I'm working on a set of plans for this small writing table and trying to determine how the vertical divider between the two top drawers would be fastened. I'm thinking a blind sliding dovetail in the bottom horizontal divider (?).  But there is no top divider, the drawers are located directly...
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    Most SAPFM members should find this interesting

    Those who are attending the conference in January may have already caught wind of this. I was at Williamsburg in early November and visitors to the Cabinetmakers shop were shown a picture of the high chest they were building for the conference. I believe they were just staring construction at...
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    Blade angle on Norris A5

    I finally broke down and sprung for a Norris A5 smoother, a plane that I have always admired and coveted. Found a gem on ebay, great condition, original and reasonable price. No surprises when it arrived, but of course the blade needs some work. When I measured the current blade angle I found it...
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    Anthony Hay Shop Blog

    I mentioned to folks that the end of the Symposium effectively marks the beginning of the new year for us in the Hay shop.  Here’s our collective resolution: to be more active bloggers.  That means we’ll keep you up to date on our progress with the early gate leg table, the Buckland and Sears...
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    Inspired by Downton Abbey

    With the popularity of the PBS series Downton Abbey(about to begin its 4th season), I am curious to know if any of you professional cabinet makers have experienced an upturn in business from customers inspired by the furnishings seen in the show.  Even though they are not all originals and not...
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    Does this detail have a name?

    I first saw this corner detail on the handkerchief table that Gene Landon wrote about in FWW and I saw it again on a QA dressing table in a private collection.  I've used it on a couple of my projects and I was curious it it had a name.  Mr. Landon only referred to it as the corner detail. -Chuck
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    Moulding Plane Question

    I bought this moulding plane thinking I was getting a 1/2" quarter round with a fillet, but (hopefully) as you can see from the photo, the fillet is not perpendicular to the fence.  As a result the fillet is undercut rather than vertical.  I, for the life of me, cannot get this plane to cut this...
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    Dressing Table Side Tenons

    I have a couple of questions regarding cutting the three tenons on each end of the side piece for a Q/A dressing table.  The side piece is 13/16"Thk x 14"H x 14"L plus 3/4" on each end for the tenons. First, does anyone have any suggestions for sawing that 14" long shoulder?  I've never...