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    Chesapeake Chapter Meeting: 20 Jan 2024, Harrisburg PA

    It will be good to see you again. IIRC, the last time, we car pooled from the Port Deposit/Perryville Park & Ride, but that's a little out of my way for Harrisburg.
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    Del-Val Fall 2019 Meeting - Very Short Notice

    The Fall 2019 meeting of the Delaware Valley Chapter is this Saturday, October 12 at 9 A.M. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. An abbreviated notice from David Potts, Chapter Coordinator, is attached: We are also inviting nineteen interested woodworkers who we met Friday and Saturday at the Lie-Nielsen...
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    Del-Val and Chesapeake Chapters - Hearne Hardwoods Open House

    We have informed Angela at Hearne Hardwoods that the Del-Val and Chesapeake SAPFM Chapters will be participating in their Open House again this fall, as we have done for several years. She and the rest of the Hearne staff are pleased, and are welcoming our joining them...
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    The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton

    The Second Edition of The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton by Jane Rees is now available for preorder from Astragal Press. Astragal notified me this morning that it is shipping from the U.K., and they expect it to arrive within two weeks. The cost...